Servers and Storage


We offer a full range of PC’s, servers and storage from world leading vendor, Dell.

Tuqnia is a Tier 1 Partner for Dell. This status was achieved by Tuqnia after devoting in training and technical practice on Dell Rack and Blade servers, both pre and post sales. Tuqnia supports some of the largest accounts for Dell and has a commitment to promote Dell Blade Technology in the UAE in a proactive manner and continue to update our skills in the latest technologies.

We offer the complete range of solutions from Dell. Dell systems deliver a mission-critical Infrastructure, providing a flexible foundation for the IT environment of tomorrow. It effectively helps you move from ‘one-of-everything IT’ to ‘one infrastructure that does everything,’ resulting in a common, modular platform. By bringing a standards-based and modular architecture to computing, Dell is eliminating the proprietary, static silos that have driven up costs and complexities in the past.